[Pool Update] Epoch 307, 308, 309 & 310

Hi People! πŸ™‚

Welcome to probably the last pool update of this year. Let’s just start right away.

SundaeSwap ISO

Small Update about the SundaeSwap ISO and how the testnet is going. We saw many improvements during the testnet over the past weeks. It’s a continous process and the team is still developing and further improving UI, UX and fixing open issues. There is still no date announced when the ISO and DEX will start. The chosen Scoopers will start running their Scooper nodes on testnet soon to get ready for the Mainnet launch. I’m really excited to see this project going forward.

But there is more: Many asked themselves how much the Sundae token will be worth at launch. The SundaeSwap Team said from the beginning that they won’t set the initial price and the mechanism how the price will be set was released now. Give the announcement a good read and ask me if you have any questions about it: SundaeSwap Presents: The Taste Test

New IOHK Blog posts

The AGIX ERC20 converter testnet is now live

Introducing our new peer-to-peer (P2P) testnet

When it comes to DeFi, Do Your Own Research

Cardano at Christmas (and what to say if anyone asks…)

Mid Month Development Update – December

Building On Cardano: December Cardano360 Community Update

Performance and assigned slot

EpochLeaderIdealLuckConfirmed LuckProducedConfirmedMissedGhostedStolenInvalid

No issues to report for Epoch 306 to 310. We were a bit unlucky, but also had a great Epoch 308, which ended with a new record (most blocks per Epoch) for us: We produced 68 blocks and broke our previous record of 67 blocks from epoch 261.

We unfortunately still see an increased amount of ghosted blocks due to rewards calculation each epoch. A future release of the cardano node should hopefully fix this issue soon.

That’s all I have for you today. I wish you all some beautiful last days of 2021. Reflect on what is important to you and stay healthy. Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 297, 298, 299 & 300

Hey people!

Financial freedom also means taking responsibility for the safety of your own money. I therefore urge everyone to read the following security advice carefully: Cardano Stay Safe Content

No one will ever send you free ADA. It is always a SCAM. Please stay away from it or you will lose your money.

New IOHK Blog posts

IOHK was really busy writing a ton of new blog posts. Here is what was posted since the last update:

Building on the Cardano Summit

UTXO alliance: fostering innovation and collaboration across the blockchain space

Oasis Pro partnership is where DeFi meets RealFi for Cardano

Cardano: robust, resilient – and flexible

Bringing premium spirits to the Cardano blockchain

New certification levels for smart contracts on Cardano

Africa is where the tough get going

Ouroboros Chronos provides the first high-resilience, cryptographic time source based on blockchain technology

Plutus Application Backend (PAB): supporting DApp development on Cardano

Buffalo soldiers march to the heart of the blockchain

Mithril: a stronger and lighter blockchain for better efficiency

Djed Stablecoin On Cardano

Mid Month Development Update – October

Cardano360 – October 2021

Performance and assigned slots

EpochLeaderIdealLuckConfirmed LuckProducedConfirmedMissedGhostedStolenInvalid

If we look at the 4-epoch confirmed luck during 296 to 299 we see around 99.2% luck, which is fine. However our lifetime luck is still under 100% so I think we’ll see more luckier epochs in the fcuture again. Otherwise the pool is running fine, doing some fine-tuning here and there but nothing special to report. If you have any questions regarding our performance or the above table, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to help or just have a nice chat with you!

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon!Β πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 286, 287, 288 & 289

Hey people πŸ™‚

Financial freedom also means taking responsibility for the safety of your own money. I therefore urge everyone to read the following security advice carefully: Cardano Stay Safe Content

No one will ever send you free ADA. It is always a SCAM. Please stay away from it or you will lose your money.

Alonzo Hard Fork

For your information and to ease your mind: Rest assured that FAIR will install all updates in a timely manner and is always ready when it comes to network upgrades. We are ready for the Alonzo Hardfork. All Nodes are running 1.29.0. Looking forward to September 12th!

New IOHK Blog posts

Cardano Stack Exchange: a growing and vibrant community developer resource

Making education in Africa more accessible, affordable, and equitable

No-surprises transaction validation on Cardano

No-surprises transaction validation: part 2

Cardano360 August edition – monthly Cardano update!

Cardano360 August Edition is here and it is again full of great updates and information! Get your favourite hot beverage ready again, lean back and enjoy the full show πŸ˜‰

Cardano Summit 2021

The Cardano Summit will be held 25th and 26th of September as a mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days.

Everyone is invited and it’s free, so make sure to register now to stay up to date: https://summit.cardano.org/

Performance for 285


Epoch 285 was a very good one for us. We were assigned 69 slots, we produced all 69 but lost three due to slot battles. At the end 66 blocks made it to the chain which results in a performance of ~117.5%

Performance for 286


We were assigned only 54 slots in 286 and also lost four blocks due to slot battles. This means an underperformance of 89.15%.

Performance for 287


Epch 287 was a really bad one: Not only were we allocated unexpectedly few blocks, we also lost five blocks due to slot battles. This leaves us with an underperformance of ~76.94%.

Performance for 288


Epoch 288 was a rather good one. 63 assigned slots; 63 produced blocks; 62 adopted blocks = 106.06% performance. Not bad πŸ™‚

Assigned Slots for 289


In Epoch 289 we are looking for 69 leader slots which equates to 117.54% luck. If we don’t lose many blocks this will be a very good epoch for us! It has the potential to be the epoch with the most blocks per epoch of this pool so far.

This is it for now. Let’s see you all in the Alonzo Era! Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 280, 281 & 282

Hey people! πŸ™‚

It’s been some epochs and we really need to take a look at some new blog posts, videos as well as the pools performance metrics.

New IOHK Blog posts

Wolfram and Cardano build communities with NFTs and liveminting

A closer look at the cFund

Cardano360 July edition – monthly Cardano update!

Cardano360 July Edition is packed with loads of interesting topics! Get your favourite hot beverage ready, lean back and enjoy the full show πŸ˜‰

Cardano360 July edition – Mini

If you are short in time, here are the most important topics compressed in just over 4 minutes. Really everyone has the time to watch this!

Cardano Summit 2021

The Cardano Summit 2021 will be held as a mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days. Everyone is invited and it’s free, so make sure to register now to stay up to date: https://summit.cardano.org/

Cardano Developer Portal

As talked about in the Cardano360 July Show the Cardano Developer Portal is finally here! A one stop library featuring, on launch, over fifty articles, vetted the community. It’s worth taking a look for everyone interested in Cardano who wants to take a deeper look into some topic. It’s not only for developers πŸ™‚

Performance for 280


Epoch 280 was very good for us. We produced all 61 assigned blocks and lost only one due to a slot battle. This leaves us at ~129.7% luck for this epoch and a great ROA.

Performance for 281


In Epoch 281 we were assigned 46 of 48 expected blocks. Fortunately no block was stolen and we produced all 46 assigned blocks for an overall luck of 95.65%.

Assigned Slots for 282


In Epoch 282 we are looking for 61 assigned slots which leads to 113.45% luck. Sounds good to me πŸ˜‰

Lots of stuff to read and look at, hope you are well occupied with it. With the upcoming smart contract launch on the mainnet, we are in for some very exciting times. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m glad that everything is going according to plan so far (in case you missed it: you may rewatch Cardano360 – May 2021 Edition for the rollout plan and its different phases).

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 275 & 276

Hi and thanks for stopping by for Pool Update Epoch 275 & 276! πŸ™‚

Digital lending platform Nexo integrates Cardano

This latest partnership with a leading crypto company further expands the Cardano ecosystem and exposes new users to ADA.

Cardano360 June edition – Mini

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on the full Cardano360 show for June yet, then by all means take the time to check out the compact mini version.

Performance for 273


As if we didn’t have enough bad luck already, four lost slot battles were lost, leaving us at 72.33% luck for that epoch.

Performance for 274


Epoch 274 was quite on spot on the assigned slots. One slot was stolen due to a slot battle which means we end epoch 274 with 95.73% luck.

Performance for 275


Unfortunately, we are really having a run of bad luck at the moment. We were only assigned 48 blocks in 275. We produced all of them but faced 1 ghosted and 1 stolen block (I explained how those ghosted blocks happen in some past pool updates). We finish epoch 275 with 82.08% luck.

Assigned Slots for 276


Okay, it was time for a better epoch and I hope epoch 276 with 66 assigned slots and a luck of 119.33% ends our run of bad luck. Let’s see how it works out.

If you ever have any questions or just want to talk please use any of the provided contact information.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 268 & 269

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Combined Pool Update for Epoch 268 & 269 today.

Cardano360 May edition – monthly Cardano update!

Cardano 360 May Edition happened at 27th May and is now readily available for you to watch if you missed it πŸ™‚

Cardano360 May edition – Mini

If you do not have the time to watch the whole Cardano 360 Show, don’t worry, the Cardano 360 Mini covers the most important topics and gets you up to date.



Whether you’ve heard of Marlowe or not, this Explainer Video will bring you closer to what it is, what it can do, and why we need it.

More detailed view

After watching the short Explainer Video I’m sure you are hungry for some more information on Marlow. Well, IOHK gets you covered with their blog post about it: Reimagining peer to peer finance with Marlowe

Performance for 267


Epoch 267 was a good one for us. We were assigned 64 which we all produced but two blocks were stolen due to unavoidable slot battles. This leaves us with 62 confirmed blocks and 106% luck at the end, which should translate to an estimated ROA of ~5.4%.

Performance for 268


Epoch 268 was very unfortunate for us. We were allocated only 44 blocks out of 56 statistically planned blocks. Good news: There were no slot battles and all 44 blocks made it onto the chain.

Assigned Slots for 269


Epoch 269 is again not the greatest epoch. We were assigned 53 blocks out of 56 estimated blocks. This equates to ~95% luck. Let’s hope the slot battles are in our favor.

That’s it for today. Talk to you soon πŸ™‚