[Pool Update] Epoch 319, 320, 321 & 322

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Some interesting epochs are behind us, the SundaeSwap ISO is over, the SundaeSwap RISO is starting, the congestion has decreased but is is still noticeable. Let’s get straight into it.

SundaeSwap ISO and RISO

The last Snapshot for the inital SundaeSwap ISO was taken 14th February and thus the initial ISO has ended. Sundae ISO Rewards will be available through DripDropz March 1st or later this year through a SundaeSwap faucet (if you want to avoid the DripDropz fee). Rewards will be claimable for at least one year, so no reason to stress about it. Please take a look at the ISO Dashboard for all the important dates for the ISO as well as a reward estimation. Also take a look at their Twitter and medium page where all major updates will be posted.

The initial SundaeSwap ISO led to a lot of criticism and concern about decentralization, as a huge amount of stake was accumulated in the pools of the 30 voted Pool Operators. Many of those were Multi Pool Operators which also led to a decrease of the minimum attack vector (MAV). To mitigate this development the Reverse ISO (RISO) was introduced to the Community and approved by a community vote. Please check out the linked article for all informations about the ISO and the Reverse ISO Dashboard for all participating pools and important dates.

While it is still up to debate within the community whether the RISO was a good or bad idea, it certainly reached it’s goal to move stake from the initial ISO pools to those of the RISO and also increase the MAV again.

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Mid Month Technical Development Update – February 2022

Performance and assigned slot

EpochLeaderIdealLuckConfirmed LuckProducedConfirmedMissedGhostedStolenInvalid

Take the current quite crowded network, add to that the recent parameter changes and the long existing bug that causes a degraded propagation times of the blocks within the network during reward calculation and you get many ghosted blocks. Those ghosted blocks are due to height battles which are resolved by the protocol and which outcome we can’t influence. I still hope we see that issue resolved in the future; otherwise we will have to live with a bigger amount of ghosted blocks.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚