Quick Facts

ID: 6b51a5aae5b4b5f07f38acf12816b4f8a558ee2840d0dba69040aeb2
Fee: Only 0.5% + Minimum Fixed Fee
Ticker: FAIR

Pool Information

Welcome to FAIR Pool #01 Cardano Stake Pool. Staking since the first Shelley epoch.

This is a Cardano staking pool based in Europe with focus on strengthening and decentralizing the Cardano network. We deeply believe in decentralization and giving back the power to each individual. We have a long way to go and only together we can succeed.

We offer highly available, secure staking based on automated and scalable nodes driven by a modern server environment. What you will get here in addition is an honest and transparent pool operator.

The margin is set to 0.5% and we offer the lowest possible fixed fee of 340 ADA and this will never change for the lifetime of this pool. We nearly pay out 99.5% of our rewards to you, our stakeholders! Everything else will be pledged or reinvested into this pool to secure its long term operation and reliability.

Stake with us and start to receive staking rewards.
If you are interested in the delegation cycle and when you will receive your rewards, take a look at this:
Cardano Reward Schedule

Feel free to contact us any time! Looking forward to answer your questions!

Financial freedom also means taking responsibility for the safety of your own money. I therefore urge everyone to carefully read the following security advice:
Cardano Stay Safe Content

Want to learn more about staking?
Take a look at the official documents on cardano.org

Want to run your own pool?
Join the Cardano Shelley & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup to get help. Maybe we’ll meet there too.

Server Status

We are currently running several servers: three relays, a block producer, a monitoring server, a webserver, a non-public backup producer as well as an air gapped secure offline machine for key and certificate management. To ensure transparency, you can see the status of the operation critical servers below: