[Pool Update] Epoch 230

Hey people!

Epoch 229 was a really lucky one for us. We have been assigned five blocks and of course, we have produced all of them, which results in an estimated ROS of about 15.9% for this epoch! This leads to a nice boost in our performance and our lifetime ROS and therefore levels out some unluckier epochs we had in the past. I hope that our luck will last for a while and not leave us right away. You’ll need to keep in mind that smaller pools have higher fluctuation in ROS than bigger pools. This is just due to the number of blocks: Big pools may produce somewhere between 50 and 100 blocks per epoch at the moment, this means if they are unlucky they just miss a few blocks but their overall performance is still quite high as there are plenty of other blocks left to produce. Smaller pools may only lose one block due to the d-parameter and their performance already drops significantly if they are statistically should produce two in the whole epoch. Sure this works in both ways. Larger pools very rarely have epochs with unusually high ROS, because this would require many blocks. On the other hand, a lucky small operator may produce the double or triple amount of designated blocks because it is still only six instead of two blocks in one epoch. This sometimes looks bad in statistics but doesn’t really matter if you’re a long-term staker. Unluckier periods will level out with luckier periods.

Back to the current epoch 230: Since last epoch we lost some stake, but the amount of delegators is still the same. I think some people left us due to bad luck in some past epochs. But I’m looking forward to the next few epochs, as I expect some movement in stake due to the change in k and therefore the saturation point, which I explained in an earlier post. So if you’re not already a delegator to this pool, consider staking with us as we’re well under the saturation point for k=500 and are also well under the saturation point for k=1000 which should happen in March 2021! This pool also has a verifiable performance. Because I will publish the Leader Schedule for the coming epoch on the website as long as this is possible. So everybody can see if the assigned blocks are actually produced. Transparency is key here.

Leader Schedule for 230

Checking leadership log for Epoch 230 [ d Param: 0.44 ]
2020-11-17 00:58:07 ==> Leader for 7996, Cumulative epoch blocks: 1
2020-11-18 05:35:27 ==> Stolen by BFT for 111036, Cumulative stolen blocks due to d param: 1
2020-11-18 21:23:36 ==> Stolen by BFT for 167925, Cumulative stolen blocks due to d param: 2
2020-11-19 21:53:09 ==> Leader for 256098, Cumulative epoch blocks: 2
2020-11-20 15:06:03 ==> Stolen by BFT for 318072, Cumulative stolen blocks due to d param: 3

Note: The times shown refer to the central european summer time (CET, UTC+1).

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Talk to you soon! 🙂