[Pool Update] Epoch 231

Hey People!

Welcome back to the pool Update. We just transitioned from 230 to 231, if you’re already delegating to this pool you have just received your rewards for 229 (Check the Cardano Reward Schedule to better understand when you will receive the rewards for which epoch). Remember? This was a very lucky epoch for us with a performance of 278% which corresponds to a nice ROS of about 15%. So if you’re not delegating to this pool, consider doing so. We are well under the “new” saturation point of ~63.6M which will come with k=500 on December 6th and offer proven performance and a competitive ROS! Please redelegate if you’re currently in a pool above this stake as you will lose some rewards otherwise.

Back to epoch 230: We made 2 blocks which gives us a performance of 118% this epoch. Therefore we produced all blocks assigned to us during the last epoch. You can verify this in the leader schedule of the last epoch. I’ll keep posting the schedule on the website that you have the ability to verify that the pool runs properly and produces its assigned blocks!

Leader Schedule for 231

Checking leadership log for Epoch 231 [ d Param: 0.42 ]
2020-11-21 23:41:03 ==> Leader for 3372, Cumulative epoch blocks: 1
2020-11-23 08:52:56 ==> Stolen by BFT for 122885, Cumulative stolen blocks due to d param: 1
2020-11-24 04:59:08 ==> Stolen by BFT for 195257, Cumulative stolen blocks due to d param: 2
2020-11-25 02:31:37 ==> Leader for 272806, Cumulative epoch blocks: 2

Note: The times shown refer to the central european summer time (CET, UTC+1).

In the current schedule you can see that we will probably produce two blocks again in 231. This is very good news because these two blocks will again provide a good ROS.

Now you should enjoy your 229 rewards and the currently rising ADA prices! Talk to you soon 🙂