[Pool Update] Epoch 250

Hey people! 🙂

Welcome to Epoch 250! I warmly welcome all new delegators and I would like to thank all supporters and interested parties for stopping by for this pool update. Let’s get right to it.

Pool modifications

Since the KES keys of the pool were about to expire, these keys were regenerated last epoch. The pool is now running with the new keys and there was no interruption of the block production at all.

Relay 3, which I set up a few epochs ago as a test, has had the desired effect on the propagation times. So this relay not only serves to further diversify between different providers, data centers and geological locations, but also has a positive effect on the performance of the pool.


The word interoperability has become an integral part of the blockchain space. Nevertheless, many communities behave anything but cooperatively. In a space that is often driven by coin shills, FUD, and self-interest, I advocate that we be an open community and recognize the possibilities and opportunities we can achieve through collaboration. Because only by dealing openly with new ideas and concepts we can truly solve problems in the best possible way.

Emurgo recently published an interesting blog post about interoperability within the Cardano network:
Why Interoperability & Governance are Important for the Cardano Blockchain in 2021


Cardano360 is a new format provided by IOHK:

Every month, we’ve been bringing you all the news on Cardano development. And from this month, we’re bringing you a brand new look! 

Cardano360 is our NEW monthly show, where we’ll bring you all the freshest news & feature content from across the ecosystem. 

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Make sure to check it out if you are interested in the latest news and updates: Cardano360 Crowdcast

If you missed the event, don’t worry there is a recording available:

Performance for 249

| Leader | Ideal | Luck   | Adopted | Confirmed | Missed | Ghosted | Stolen | Invalid |
| 23     | 20.72 | 111.0% | 23      | 23        | 0      | 0       | 0      | 0       |

Epoch 249 was a quite good epoch for us. We were assigned 23 blocks and produced all of them. This brings us to 100% assigned performance and 111% luck.

Assigned Slots for 250

| Leader | Ideal | Luck    | Adopted | Confirmed | Missed | Ghosted | Stolen | Invalid |
| 25     | 21.32 | 117.26% | 0       | 0         | 0      | 0       | 0      | 0       |

Epoch 250 looks even better. We are looking for 25 leader slots which means a luck of ~117%.

When the next pool update is released, we will already be in the Mary Era. See you then 😉