[Pool Update] Epoch 251

Hey people!

Welcome to epoch 251 and welcome to the Mary Era! Another hardfork combinator passed by and it was as smooth as always. It is really beautiful to just perform a chain upgrade on the go without any interruptions and without anything that you as ADA holders have to do. So let’s do a quick dive into native tokens that are available right now:

Babel Fees

If you read the heading and think: “What the heck are babel fees”, then you will definitely want to watch the Cardano360 show I linked in the last pool update. In addition you should read this blog post: Babel fees – denominating transaction costs in native tokens

Alternatively you can just listen to it via Soundcloud:

Babel fees will be an absolute game changer. At the first glance you may think: Cool, no damn gas fees. I can pay the transaction fees directly with the native asset, without the need for a smart contract or anything, built-in right into the protocol. But I think that is just the beginning. With this technical foundation we’ll be basically able to build decentralized exchanges directly into the protocol without the need for an intermediary token, which is just awesome. I am very curious about the concrete implementation and about the possibilities which will be opened by it.


The latest language currently available in Cardano Devnet is Glow, which was also featured in the last Cardano360 show. If you’d like to know a bit more about glow make sure to read this blog post: Bringing Glow to Cardano

Performance for 250

| Leader | Ideal | Luck    | Adopted | Confirmed | Missed | Ghosted | Stolen | Invalid |
| 25     | 21.32 | 117.26% | 25      | 25        | 0      | 0       | 0      | 0       |

In epoch 250 we were assigned 25 slots and produced all of them. This leaves us at 100% assigned performance, ~117% luck and an estimated ROS of ~6.3%.

Assigned Slots for 251

| Leader | Ideal | Luck   | Adopted | Confirmed | Missed | Ghosted | Stolen | Invalid |
| 35     | 37.77 | 92.67% | 0       | 0         | 0      | 0       | 0      | 0       |

In 251 we were assigned 35 slots, which is slightly below the statistically calculated amount of 37.77 blocks. This leaves us at ~93% luck.

That’s it for today. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions just use one of the contact methods at the bottom of the website. Talk to you soon! 🙂