[Pool Update] Epoch 264 & 265

Hey people!

Welcome to a combined pool update for epoch 264 and 265. It’s great to have you here. First of all congratulations to every Cardano Developer, Believer and Holder! We smashed through previous all time highs the last few days and we still have some great days ahead. I think many desperately waiting for smart contracts including myself and I’m very excited for all the releases and projects we will see this year.

P2P getting ready

Just a little reminder, that P2P is finally getting ready. In the above video, you can basically see how a new P2P node is discovering other nodes to connect to by using the existing Cardano network. That means the node will be able to build up its own topology thus connecting to the network without the need to know other peers upfront. It will be an essential part to keep the network well connected, decentralized and self-sustaining. Hope we will see it hitting mainnet soon. Remember that there was already an IOHK blog post about it: Boosting network decentralization with P2P

Performance for 263


Epoch 263 was right on spot with around ~99% luck. We were assigned 58 blocks produced 58 but one was stolen due to a slot battle.

Assigned Slots for 264


In epoch 264 we were assigned 56 leader slots. This means a slightly unlucky epoch with 98% luck and it is likely that we additionally lose blocks due to slot or height battles.

Assigned Slots for 265


In 265 we were assigned only 53 of 59 expected slots. This again means we will see an underperforming epoch and it’s again likely to lose blocks due to slot or height battles. So let’s hope for the best. Better epochs will come.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! 🙂