[Pool Update] Epoch 268 & 269

Hi people! 🙂

Combined Pool Update for Epoch 268 & 269 today.

Cardano360 May edition – monthly Cardano update!

Cardano 360 May Edition happened at 27th May and is now readily available for you to watch if you missed it 🙂

Cardano360 May edition – Mini

If you do not have the time to watch the whole Cardano 360 Show, don’t worry, the Cardano 360 Mini covers the most important topics and gets you up to date.



Whether you’ve heard of Marlowe or not, this Explainer Video will bring you closer to what it is, what it can do, and why we need it.

More detailed view

After watching the short Explainer Video I’m sure you are hungry for some more information on Marlow. Well, IOHK gets you covered with their blog post about it: Reimagining peer to peer finance with Marlowe

Performance for 267


Epoch 267 was a good one for us. We were assigned 64 which we all produced but two blocks were stolen due to unavoidable slot battles. This leaves us with 62 confirmed blocks and 106% luck at the end, which should translate to an estimated ROA of ~5.4%.

Performance for 268


Epoch 268 was very unfortunate for us. We were allocated only 44 blocks out of 56 statistically planned blocks. Good news: There were no slot battles and all 44 blocks made it onto the chain.

Assigned Slots for 269


Epoch 269 is again not the greatest epoch. We were assigned 53 blocks out of 56 estimated blocks. This equates to ~95% luck. Let’s hope the slot battles are in our favor.

That’s it for today. Talk to you soon 🙂