[Pool Update] Epoch 263

Hi people! 🙂

Welcome to the pool update for epoch 263. So many things happened in the Cardano Africa Special that I just need to talk about it again and provide you with the information you need. It was such a great show with great news and really fun to watch. Big times lie ahead, never forget: We are here to stay.

Cardano Africa Special

Mini Edition

If you haven’t had time to watch the full Cardano Africa Special, here’s a short and sweet summary of the most important topics.


On the official Cardano Africa website you can find video snippets that will show you some of the highlights of the Cardano Africa Special Show. It’s definitely worth watching these if you haven’t already seen the full show.

The importance of Identity

And there is also another blog post from Charles Hoskinson about why identity is so important and how Cardano is working towards giving identity to those that don’t have one: Identity is the key to our vision for Africa

New collection of information

Information is often distributed at several different locations and is not always easy to find. Therefore a new resource for collecting information was created. What you can find there, how to contribute and more information on that can be found in the blog post about this topic: The essential Cardano list – a new resource for the community

Performance for 262


Epoch 262 was a good one for us. We were assigned 60 blocks, produced 60 blocks and all 60 blocks made it to the chain. We did not lose any blocks due to slot or height battles which is very fortunate for us. This leaves us at around 105% luck and should end up in around 5.5% ROA.

Assigned Slots for 263


In epoch 263 we were assigned 58 slots. That corresponds to about the expected amount, which can be seen when looking the 100.71% luck. Let’s see how that epoch plays out.

That’s all I have for you today! Talk to you soon 🙂