[Pool Update] Epoch 273 & 274

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Performance for 271


As mentioned in the previous update, epoch 271 was very bad from the start. We were allocated very few blocks, but we produced them all and lost none in slot battles. This left us with an ROA of around 2.8% for that epoch.

Performance for 272


Epoch 272 then looked better again. We had allocated almost the expected blocks and lost only two blocks due to slot battles which relates to 96.09% luck. This leaves us with an expected ROA of about 4.8%.

Assigned Slots for 273


Epoch 273 is another unfortunate one for us. At the moment our luck has left us a bit, but never forget over a longer period of time these epochs will be balanced out again with stronger ones. We were only assigned 46 blocks out of the expected 58 blocks, which leaves us at around 79.23% luck.

Assigned Slots for 274


In epoch 274, we were assigned 55 blocks, slightly fewer than the expected 56 blocks. This results in 97.5% luck.

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