[Pool Update] Epoch 294, 295 & 296

Hey people 🙂

Financial freedom also means taking responsibility for the safety of your own money. I therefore urge everyone to read the following security advice carefully: Cardano Stay Safe Content

No one will ever send you free ADA. It is always a SCAM. Please stay away from it or you will lose your money.

Secure encrypted email communication

Secure and confidential communication should be the standard on today’s Internet. Unfortunately, we know that this is not the case, especially in email traffic. Therefore we have changed our mail servers and are relying on Protonmail now. Every email you send to the official email address of the pool staking@fairpool.eu will be routed to Proton’s secure servers in Switzerland. With encryption via PGP/GPG a complete end-to-end encryption can be achieved. You can get the public key needed for encryption right here. If you have any questions about encrypted communication or Protonmail, please feel free to contact me.

New IOHK Blog posts

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Cardano Summit 2021 summary: Governance is the next big thing

Cardano Summit 2021

Little by little the videos from the Cardano Summit are coming online. If you missed a session or want to see it again, just have a look at it here: https://summit.cardano.org/sessions

Performance and assigned slots

EpochLeaderIdealLuckConfirmed LuckProducedConfirmedMissedGhostedStolenInvalid

As can be seen, the past eras were rather unfortunate. 293 and 295 ended up in the low 80s of confirmed luck. This is purely a matter of luck and unfortunately cannot be influenced by the pool. Over a longer period of time, these fluctuations should even out. So I expect the performance to increase again in the future. The servers ran reliably as always and no block was missed. 294 was quite on point with 102% confirmed luck and at least in 296 we were assigned the expected amount of blocks. We’ll see how 296 will play out after slot battles etc.

That’s all for now. Talk to you soon! 🙂