[Pool Update] Epoch 290, 291, 292 & 293

Hey people 🙂

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Alonzo Hard Fork

The Alonzo Hard Fork took place September 12th and thanks to the Cardano Hardfork Combinator everything went flawless and with no downtime of the network. It’s great to finally see smart contracts running on Cardano and the next months with the launch of many new and interesting projects will be a very special time.

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Cardano Summit 2021

The Cardano Summit 2021 is over and it was a truly special event. Many great speakers presented many great topics and we also saw some really promising announcements which will help to further develop our ecosystem.

All Content shown at the Summit will be available soon on https://summit.cardano.org/ for you to (re)watch!

Performance and assigned slots

EpochLeaderIdealLuckConfirmed LuckProducedConfirmedMissedGhostedStolenInvalid

With this pool update I would like to introduce a new format for performance and assigned slots. From now on the epochs will no longer be listed individually but together in one table. This provides more clarity and a better readability. Let’s also briefly introduce what each column means:

  • Epoch: The five day time frame for which this row shows the statistics
  • Leader: How many leader slots where assigned to the pool
  • Ideal: The statistically calculated optimal number of slots for the corresponding stake of this epoch
  • Luck: The percentage of assigned slots (leader slots) to the statistically ideal number of assigned slots
  • Confirmed Luck: The percentage of produced and confirmed slots to the statistically ideal number of assigned slots
  • Produced: The number of produced blocks
  • Confirmed: The number of blocks that where produced and accepted by the chain
  • Missed: The number of slots which were missed to be produced in time
  • Ghosted: The number of blocks rejected/discarded due to time delay of other blocks
  • Stolen: The number of blocks that were lost to other pools due to slots battles
  • Invalid: The number of blocks that were invalid (various reasons)

If we take a look at the past epochs (289-292) we ca see that we consistently produced blocks for all assigned slots. We were unfortunately quite unlucky in the assignment of slots. There is nothing pools can do to influence their luck as it is partly determined by randomness. Over time unluckier epochs will level out with more luckier ones. We also lost some blocks due to slot battles which are also determined by luck and therefore can not be influenced. There were also a few ghosted blocks, which I talked about in earlier pool updates (you will find it via the search function).

I am looking forward to those luckier epochs. If you have any questions just contact me via any of the contact options at the bottom.

This is it for now. Let’s see you all in the Alonzo Era! Talk to you soon 🙂