[Pool Update] Epoch 280, 281 & 282

Hey people! πŸ™‚

It’s been some epochs and we really need to take a look at some new blog posts, videos as well as the pools performance metrics.

New IOHK Blog posts

Wolfram and Cardano build communities with NFTs and liveminting

A closer look at the cFund

Cardano360 July edition – monthly Cardano update!

Cardano360 July Edition is packed with loads of interesting topics! Get your favourite hot beverage ready, lean back and enjoy the full show πŸ˜‰

Cardano360 July edition – Mini

If you are short in time, here are the most important topics compressed in just over 4 minutes. Really everyone has the time to watch this!

Cardano Summit 2021

The Cardano Summit 2021 will be held as a mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days. Everyone is invited and it’s free, so make sure to register now to stay up to date: https://summit.cardano.org/

Cardano Developer Portal

As talked about in the Cardano360 July Show the Cardano Developer Portal is finally here! A one stop library featuring, on launch, over fifty articles, vetted the community. It’s worth taking a look for everyone interested in Cardano who wants to take a deeper look into some topic. It’s not only for developers πŸ™‚

Performance for 280


Epoch 280 was very good for us. We produced all 61 assigned blocks and lost only one due to a slot battle. This leaves us at ~129.7% luck for this epoch and a great ROA.

Performance for 281


In Epoch 281 we were assigned 46 of 48 expected blocks. Fortunately no block was stolen and we produced all 46 assigned blocks for an overall luck of 95.65%.

Assigned Slots for 282


In Epoch 282 we are looking for 61 assigned slots which leads to 113.45% luck. Sounds good to me πŸ˜‰

Lots of stuff to read and look at, hope you are well occupied with it. With the upcoming smart contract launch on the mainnet, we are in for some very exciting times. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m glad that everything is going according to plan so far (in case you missed it: you may rewatch Cardano360 – May 2021 Edition for the rollout plan and its different phases).

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 277, 278 & 279

Hey people! πŸ™‚

Just a short update with the recent epochs performance and the upcoming epochs assigned slots.

Introducing the Catalyst Circle

Performance for 276


This epoch looked very good for us. We were assigned 66 blocks, produced all of them and 65 made it to the chain. Only one was stolen due to an inevitable slot battle. Overall this leaves us with ~117% luck for this epoch.

Performance for 277


Epoch 277 was also fine for us with ~104% luck and 54 adopted blocks.

Performance for 278


In Epoch 278 we were assigned 51 blocks, produced all 51 but lost two blocks due to slot battles. We ended up with a slight underperformance of ~98%.

Assigned Slots for 279


We are looking for 44 assigned blocks in epoch 279, which is unfortunately below the 45.99 estimated blocks. Let’s hope that we will be spared from slot battles.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me any time. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 275 & 276

Hi and thanks for stopping by for Pool Update Epoch 275 & 276! πŸ™‚

Digital lending platform Nexo integrates Cardano

This latest partnership with a leading crypto company further expands the Cardano ecosystem and exposes new users to ADA.

Cardano360 June edition – Mini

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on the full Cardano360 show for June yet, then by all means take the time to check out the compact mini version.

Performance for 273


As if we didn’t have enough bad luck already, four lost slot battles were lost, leaving us at 72.33% luck for that epoch.

Performance for 274


Epoch 274 was quite on spot on the assigned slots. One slot was stolen due to a slot battle which means we end epoch 274 with 95.73% luck.

Performance for 275


Unfortunately, we are really having a run of bad luck at the moment. We were only assigned 48 blocks in 275. We produced all of them but faced 1 ghosted and 1 stolen block (I explained how those ghosted blocks happen in some past pool updates). We finish epoch 275 with 82.08% luck.

Assigned Slots for 276


Okay, it was time for a better epoch and I hope epoch 276 with 66 assigned slots and a luck of 119.33% ends our run of bad luck. Let’s see how it works out.

If you ever have any questions or just want to talk please use any of the provided contact information.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 273 & 274

Hey people! πŸ™‚

I am back from my vacation and will provide you with the latest IOHK blog post as well as videos posted during my break. It’s a lot of great articles and worthy reads!

New IOHK Blog posts

Nervos partnership to build the first cross-chain bridge with Cardano

A close look at the software running Cardano

Stablefees and the Decentralized Reserve System

Daedalus: from launch to Flight and beyond…

Orion to bring one-stop crypto marketplace to Cardano

Cardano360 June edition – monthly Cardano update!

It is time again for the monthly Cardano360 show. Watch it for all the new good stuff πŸ˜‰

Performance for 271


As mentioned in the previous update, epoch 271 was very bad from the start. We were allocated very few blocks, but we produced them all and lost none in slot battles. This left us with an ROA of around 2.8% for that epoch.

Performance for 272


Epoch 272 then looked better again. We had allocated almost the expected blocks and lost only two blocks due to slot battles which relates to 96.09% luck. This leaves us with an expected ROA of about 4.8%.

Assigned Slots for 273


Epoch 273 is another unfortunate one for us. At the moment our luck has left us a bit, but never forget over a longer period of time these epochs will be balanced out again with stronger ones. We were only assigned 46 blocks out of the expected 58 blocks, which leaves us at around 79.23% luck.

Assigned Slots for 274


In epoch 274, we were assigned 55 blocks, slightly fewer than the expected 56 blocks. This results in 97.5% luck.

If you ever have any questions or just want to talk please use any of the provided contact information.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 270, 271 & 272

Hey people! πŸ™‚

I am currently on vacation, so this time there is only an update with the current numbers and performance of the pool. However, the pool is of course still monitored and possible incidents are responded to quickly and reliably, as always.

Performance for 269


Performance for 270


Epoch 270 was actually quite lucky for us we were assigned 63 leader slots, produced all 63 and lost only one due to a slot battle.

Assigned Slots for 271


Epoch 271 is a very very unlucky one for us. Only 32 slots were assigned which leaves us at only 57.63% luck.

Assigned Slots for 272


Epoch 272 is perfectly within the expected range we were assigned 58 slots when 58.28 would be ideal. This means close to 100% luck.

I’ll now enjoy my remaining vacation and wish you relaxing days. Talk you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 266 & 267

Hey people!

Combined Pool Update for 266 and 267 containing many tables this time πŸ˜€

Some Software Updates

Cardano-node version 1.27.0 was released recently: https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-node/releases/tag/1.27.0

Rest assured that we already updated all of our relays and producers without any downtime or issues. We are up to date and ready to produce.

Cardano360 May edition – monthly Cardano update!

It’s time again. Put it in your calendar and don’t miss it! New edition of monthly Cardano show: 27 May, 16:30 UTC on Youtube.

New IOHK Blog posts

I’ll leave you the links to the most recent IOHK blog posts which were released since the last pool update right here:

Strategic partners pave way for Plutus smart contracts

Announcing new stake pools chosen for our delegation strategy

IOHK also moved their delegations to support a new round of SPOs. Congratulations to the chosen ones πŸ™‚

Bringing ERC20 to Cardano

I know all of you love the ERC20 Converter, and it’s coming soon to a testnet near you! πŸ˜‰

Performance for 264

5657.192.82 %53530030

Assigned slots for 264 were already a bit on the low side but in addition we got unlucky and lost three blocks due to slot battles. Overall not a good epoch with ~93% luck and a ROA of around 4.7%.

Performance for 265

5359.0586.37 %51510020

Epoch 265 was even worse. Only 53 slots assigned and two slots lost due to slot battles. Well, this leaves us at ~86% luck and a ROA of around 4.3%.

Performance for 266

6559.13104.85 %62620030

Epoch 266 was quite good with 65 assigned slots. We produced all 65 slots but only 62 were adopted due to three lost blocks due to slot battles. Nevertheless, this epoch ends with ~105% luck and an estimated ROA of 5.3%.

Assigned Slots for 267


In epoch 267 we are looking for 64 slots which is an assigned luck of ~109%. Let’s see how it will play out πŸ™‚

That’s all for now. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 264 & 265

Hey people!

Welcome to a combined pool update for epoch 264 and 265. It’s great to have you here. First of all congratulations to every Cardano Developer, Believer and Holder! We smashed through previous all time highs the last few days and we still have some great days ahead. I think many desperately waiting for smart contracts including myself and I’m very excited for all the releases and projects we will see this year.

P2P getting ready

Just a little reminder, that P2P is finally getting ready. In the above video, you can basically see how a new P2P node is discovering other nodes to connect to by using the existing Cardano network. That means the node will be able to build up its own topology thus connecting to the network without the need to know other peers upfront. It will be an essential part to keep the network well connected, decentralized and self-sustaining. Hope we will see it hitting mainnet soon. Remember that there was already an IOHK blog post about it: Boosting network decentralization with P2P

Performance for 263


Epoch 263 was right on spot with around ~99% luck. We were assigned 58 blocks produced 58 but one was stolen due to a slot battle.

Assigned Slots for 264


In epoch 264 we were assigned 56 leader slots. This means a slightly unlucky epoch with 98% luck and it is likely that we additionally lose blocks due to slot or height battles.

Assigned Slots for 265


In 265 we were assigned only 53 of 59 expected slots. This again means we will see an underperforming epoch and it’s again likely to lose blocks due to slot or height battles. So let’s hope for the best. Better epochs will come.

That’s all I have for you today. Talk to you soon! πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 263

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Welcome to the pool update for epoch 263. So many things happened in the Cardano Africa Special that I just need to talk about it again and provide you with the information you need. It was such a great show with great news and really fun to watch. Big times lie ahead, never forget: We are here to stay.

Cardano Africa Special

Mini Edition

If you haven’t had time to watch the full Cardano Africa Special, here’s a short and sweet summary of the most important topics.


On the official Cardano Africa website you can find video snippets that will show you some of the highlights of the Cardano Africa Special Show. It’s definitely worth watching these if you haven’t already seen the full show.

The importance of Identity

And there is also another blog post from Charles Hoskinson about why identity is so important and how Cardano is working towards giving identity to those that don’t have one: Identity is the key to our vision for Africa

New collection of information

Information is often distributed at several different locations and is not always easy to find. Therefore a new resource for collecting information was created. What you can find there, how to contribute and more information on that can be found in the blog post about this topic: The essential Cardano list – a new resource for the community

Performance for 262


Epoch 262 was a good one for us. We were assigned 60 blocks, produced 60 blocks and all 60 blocks made it to the chain. We did not lose any blocks due to slot or height battles which is very fortunate for us. This leaves us at around 105% luck and should end up in around 5.5% ROA.

Assigned Slots for 263


In epoch 263 we were assigned 58 slots. That corresponds to about the expected amount, which can be seen when looking the 100.71% luck. Let’s see how that epoch plays out.

That’s all I have for you today! Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 262

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Welcome to the pool update for epoch 262. Some birds have finally landed and I think it’s a really big deal. So let’s start.

Cardano Africa Special

Already talked about the Cardano Africa Special Show last time. But I can’t stress this enough: Register immediately and be there on 29 April 2021, 16:30 UTC! Less than 24 hours, till the show. See you there!

Blockchain finally comes of age with the world’s biggest blockchain deployment

Already before the Africa Special the following partnership was announced: IOHK cooperates with the Ethiopian Government to implement a national, blockchain-based student and teacher ID and attainment recording system to digitally verify grades, remotely monitor school performance, and boost education and employment nationwide. This will onboard around 5 million students and teachers into the Cardano Ecosystem using Atala PRISM. This is honestly just awesome. I really hope that this project will be successful and can establish itself in other countries. I would love to see such a system being used in my country. For more you should read through the whole IOHK blog post here: Blockchain finally comes of age with the world’s biggest blockchain deployment

Performance for 261


Epoch 261 looked very promising with 72 assigned slots. We produced all 72 blocks but only 67 were adopted as 5 blocks were stolen due to slot battles, which is quite high amount. Nothing we can do about it but nevertheless, we have a luck of around 114.28% which will end up in a nice estimated ROA of ~5.9%.

Assigned Slots for 262


In Epoch 262 we were assigned 60 leader slots, which means around 104.73% luck. As we saw during the last epochs it is expected that we lose some blocks due to slot or height battles. But let’s see how it turns out. The pool is ready to produce those blocks and I hope we will stay at or over the 100% luck at the end of this epoch.

That’s all I have for you today! Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

[Pool Update] Epoch 261

Hey people! πŸ™‚

Welcome to the pool update for epoch 261. Let’s dive rigth in.

Cardano Node update

After 1.26.1 was released two weeks ago, the cardano network was going through a very rough epoch transition from epoch 259 to epoch 260 which caused the network to halt for nearly 30 minutes. It was investigated by IOHK and they identified that the issue was a wrongly timed calculation of the stake distribution. They fixed the issue, tested the code within a few days and released the cardano-node version 1.26.2 to prevent this from happening again. All SPOs were encouraged to update as soon as possible, preferably before the next epoch transition and so we did. All FAIR nodes were updated before epoch 261 and we did not encounter any issues during the transition. Thanks to development team for the quick response and the fast provision of a new version.

Cardano Africa Special

For quite some time now we have been hearing birds singing and now the time has come. The Cardano Africa Special Show has been announced. Register immediately to not miss any news and be there on 29 April 2021, 16:30 UTC! I am very excited. See you there! πŸ˜‰

Performance for 259


In epoch 259 we were assigned 57 blocks of which we produced all 57 but only 55 were adopted due to 1 ghosted and 1 stolen block. Please refer to the older pool updates if you do not know what ghosted and stolen means. I’m currently working on an overview / faq page which I can refer you to in the future. The ROS for this epoch was 4.865%.

Performance for 260


The performance for epoch 260 was quite good with 66 leader slots and 65 adopted blocks. We lost only 1 block due to a slot battle which is good for this amount of blocks. The estimated ROS for this epoch is ~5.8%.

Assigned Slots for 261


Epoch 261 looks also very good for us with 72 assigned slots and a maximum performance of 122.8%. As in the last epochs we need to calculate with a few lost blocks due to slot or height battles. Nevertheless, we will see an overperformance and good rewards for this epoch.

Thats it for today! Talk to you soon πŸ™‚